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Why Learn English?

English is the language of the internet.

English is easier to learn than other languages.

 English is the language of  commerce.

 English is one of the most commonly spoken  languages of the world.

 English is the official language of 53 countries

English is spoken by 400 milliom people as their first  language.

English is the language of media.

English  increases opportunities of getting  a good   job with a multi-national company within your own   country  or of finding work abroad.

To gain quality educational opportunities Abroad. You must have good English skills.

Many good business opportunities  depend upon your knowledge of English.


When you choose to invest your time and energy into learning a second language, deciding which language you choose is  important. So why should you study English as your second language?

Today more then 50% of the world can speak two languages. The world is truly  a global community where over 1.5 Billion of the world speaks two languages.  Being able to speak in another language besides your own first language is absolutely needed in today's markerplace. English is an important language in commerce and the internet and is vital to business opportunity throughout the world. Speaking English opens the door of opportunity in both your professional and your personal life.

Why English you ask? The world's second language is English. Many people from other countries not only speak their first languge but are able to converse across other cultures because they have learned English as a second language. So in other countries, where they have huge populations which speak another language other than English as their first language: being able to speak English as your second language is very important and needed.

20% of the world's population can speak English and enjoy the greater benefits in trade and in relationships because of their understanding of the English language. People can be found in every part of the world that know how to speak English.

English is easy to learn since it has a simple verb and alphabet system. A person can quickly learn English and be able to converse quite easily! If you learn how to speak and to listen it is easy to learn how to read since the same system is followed. You can work towards being fluent in a short time when compared to other languages.  Learning English opens the door to understanding videos, e-mails, social networks and a greater understanding of culture. 

English is very valuable for learning! The quality of search results and the number of books where English is needed far exceeds most other languages. English is being used by universites and other centers of higher learning as they have recognized the value of English as a language of choice. Young people are becoming more and more aware that English is the language needed for success!

More and more, English is recognized as a language of choice for business. Clients and suppliers are often found abroad and it is impossible to ignore English as the language needed for business. International companies most often use English as their medium for communication. The value of currencies in English speaking countries demands respect and attention if a person is to be successful internationally in business.  English is so vital and important for business purposes.

As world travel increases in importance and in value, people realise the power of English as it is represented in almost all countries globally. You can book  trips, hotels, guided tours and gain meaningful information from everywhere in the world with an understanding of English.

Make a wise choice today and book some lessons at Learning English Easy as we are equipped to assess and to help you to succeed!

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The best time to learn English is where it is convenient for you. It has been proven that learning when you are relaxed and stresses are removed that you learn much faster and are able to learn material quickly and easily!

Where do people relax the most? Often in the comfort of their own homes. In this environment you can get a drink when needed, turn on the fan to cool down , put your feet up and just learn naturally. If you have an expert to help you learn at home all the better!  

Learning English from a Professional Qualified Teacher On-line is a great solution. Here in the comfort of your home you can learn proper pronunciation of English words and get immediate feedback and help to improve, It has been shown if you learn incorrectly and it becomes a habit,  you will have to make 25 times the effort to learn it correctly. The secret to learning easy is to learn it correctly before these habits become entrenched into your thinking and mind. Face to face tutoring gives you that great advantage- the teacher can correct you before it becomes habit!

If you have family members that you need to be present for; it is essential that you learn at home. Many mothers learn English On-line after they put their kids to bed.  Learning this way they can take care of their families and plan for better opportunities in the future once they are able to converse at a better level in their English.

Many fathers find that they must work but by setting aside some time each week they can improve their opportunities for advancement or for another job  because they have learned to speak English fluently. The best time for them often to learn is in the comforts of their own home.

Older youth know that they must improve their English to be able to plan on taking school abroad as excellent English skills are a requirement to be accepted into many great schools abroad. They find that the best time to improve their English is after their day in the comforts of their own home.

Time and time again, people of all ages have realized that learning from an excellent On-line English Teacher in the comforts of home is the best solution!



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When is the best time to learn English? This is an interesting question that I will answer here. Many people have a desire to learn English as a second language because they see how it has helped others to succeed but fail to get started because of barriers in their life. These would include:

Lack of   Money

Fear of Failure

No time to Learn

Feelings that situations in life have made it too difficult.

There are many other excuses which I will talk about under, "Excuses People use as to why they can't learn English." But suffice it to say that the best time for learning English is now! Why now?

Why now? Life is short. The faster you improve your English skills the sooner you will open doors to greater opportunities.  English is the language of business and commerce world wide. Success is often tied to knowledge of this important language. Multi-national companies provide excellent paying jobs for those who have learned how to speak English fluently.

Why learn English now?  To go to Prestigious quality educational programs abroad you often need strong English skills. Being able to attend these schools and obtain the skills needed require you to be ready for the challenge because to understand your instructors and pass your exams you will need an excellent understanding of English.  Compared to other languages there is a huge library of English resources that are used for learning; this is why many quality schools use English as their first choice. If you delay becoming strong in English, you will set back the time frame for your future.  For each year you procrastinate you will lose a huge  potential for earning which can cost you dearly. 

Why learn English now? As soon as you begin to converse with other people in English the sooner you will speak it fluently. This will open up opportunities to understand and to appreciate other cultures.

Why learn English now? If you keep putting off the day you plan to start you may never reach your goal! Many people in life become disenchanted because they have failed to act when the time was appropriate.  When is    the best time? Don't delay, the best time is now!





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