Learning English Easy

For beginners and advanced learners alike


English program tailored to you


The first consultation is free of charge. This is where we work together to determine your starting point, your goals and your current everyday schedule and constraints. Based on this I will create a program that works for you, and will focus on the  skills of:

▸ Listening

▸ Speaking

▸Conversational language 


You will experience one-on-one sessions and homework, all of which will be structured according to your specific needs and everyday life.


You receive the first two lessons without payment but agree to pay for these sessions and the next 10. This is a total of 12 sessions although the initial consultation is free. A  total of 12 sessions will cost $180 american dollars.

Initial consultation

▸ 60 minutes - FREE


One-on-one sessions

▸ 60 minutes/session A total of 12 sessions for $180 American.


Group Sessions

 Promote and find  5 students to pay  $6.00 American per hour and your session is free or I will  Pay you $5.00 for every class session held.