Learning English Easy

For beginners and advanced learners alike

About Our Team

Hi everyone!


My name is Lyle. I taught sucessfully in Canada for 30 years and have since moved to the Philippines to start an on-line turoring company. I truly enjoy teaching English and am thrilled when others learn it easily from me! I have many years of experience with teaching students at all levels and age groups.


I'm a native English speaker and have other native English speakers but I have also hired some Filipino teachers who have spent many years studying the English language and have certified recognition for their ability. I find it fascinating how we have been molded together as a team to best help our students. We are thrilled that we can help students to learn a language  that can truly make a difference in their lives.


I have learned that with patience and encouragement students can excell in their communication of English and really start being able to speak with many other English speakers from all over the world! Cutural walls and differences vanish as people are able to communicate freely.



My teaching style


My experience has taught me that each student is unique in their preferred way of learning. A successful program is designed for you so that it will suit you best!

We are passionate about you being able to learn easily in a supportive environment. Our one-on-one sessions provide us with instant feedback and allow us to assess your proper learning of English so that adjustments can be made where needed.


Learning a new language can be difficult , but with our approach and teaching style we make it an easier learning experience.


I use a variety of media and materials in my teaching, aiming to enhance your experience. A variety of support materials will stimulate the learning process and ensure proper progress is made!

Below are some examples of the material and methods you can expect to encounter:


▸ PowerPoint presentations

▸ PDF files and text documents

▸ Quizzes

▸ Audio recordings

▸ Images and videos

▸ Flashcards

▸ Homework assignments